New Year’s Transformational Retreat

Immerse yourself in a transformative 5-day retreat, surrounded by Portugal's natural serenity. Experience traditional ceremonies, deep reflection days, yoga, breathwork, and more. Nourish your soul with intimate sharing circles, delicious meals, and expert-led sessions, all designed to rejuvenate and inspire as you step into the new year. Join us for a profound journey of self-discovery and renewal.

– Ceremonies led by an experienced female healer.
– Traditional Sweat Lodge (Temazcal) experience.
– Intimate group settings of 4-12 participants.
– On-site workshops and sharing circles.
– Daily yoga classes for all levels.
– Breathwork and meditation sessions.
– Delicious, nourishing meals.
– Optional transport from the pickup location.
– Additional therapies like kambo, massage, and biomagnetism.


Retreat Details

Dive deep into traditional Earth medicines in Portugal’s serene setting. This retreat offers a transformative experience, allowing participants to journey inward in a safe and nurturing environment. Our team ensures that the journey is approached with empathy, sensitivity, and profound understanding.




Day 1
– Welcome & Registration
– Traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony
– Dinner


Day 2
– Breakfast
– Day of Deep Reflection
– Dinner

Day 3
– Sungazing & Arati Meditation
– Integration/Sharing
– Yoga & Lunch
– Microdosing, Cacao, Sound Healing
– Dinner


Day 4
– Yoga & Breakfast
– Nature’s Healing Elixir Day
– Dinner


Day 5
– Integration/Sharing & Breakfast
– Farewell


Embark on a transformative journey as the new year dawns. Join us for a profound retreat experience.

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