Gurdian Del Fuego Sagrado

Breath Module 1 Retreat

Retreat Details

Location: Portugal, Colares, Madre Selva (“Mother Jungle”)

Dates: 7 – 8 December, 2024

Theme: Temazcalli – Embrace the ancient Mesoamerican “steam house” ritual.

Capacity: Limited to 11 participants.

Join us on a transformative journey with the inaugural Fire Initiation in Portugal. This retreat is an immersive experience into the Sacred Fire lineage, offering it as a tool for your personal spiritual evolution.


Participants will have the opportunity to engage with the spiritual energies of Father Fire, Wanka Tanka, Abuelo Fuego, and Fogo Sagrado. Throughout this retreat, attendees will cultivate their personal Sacred Fire, awakening deep ancestral memories in the process. This retreat is designed to strengthen your spiritual foundation, enabling you to walk the path of integrity, safety, and deep spiritual connection.


Chandra Ma, a guardian of the Sacred Fire, will share her two-decade experience in practicing and preserving ancestral traditions. Choosing fire as her medium of prayer for community healing and unity, she will guide participants into understanding the profound significance of fire in their spiritual journey.


Additionally, attendees will learn rituals that infuse their spiritual practices with safety and strength.


The retreat will also introduce participants to the Ritual of the Sweat Lodge. This ritual represents immersion in Mother Earth’s womb, offering prayers to the four elements and facilitating a rebirth. It serves as a communion and empowers participants, blessing their sacred spiritual path with the essence of Temazcalli.


We warmly invite you to our first training module in Portugal, a haven of learning and spiritual rejuvenation.

Day 1

Dive into Conscious Connection

  • Morning: Begin your journey with a warm welcome, register, and rejuvenate with our special tea.

  • Mid-Morning: Immerse yourself in the enlightening “Conscious Breathing” module.

  • Noon: Refuel with a nourishing lunch.

  • Afternoon: Engage in sacred altar time and resonate with the power of fire prayers.

  • Evening: Partake in the ceremonial initiation of fire followed by a communal dinner.

Day 2

Embrace Nature and Spiritual Healing

  • Dawn: Connect with the universe through Sungazing Meditation.
  • Breakfast: Light and revitalizing meal to energize your day.
  • Morning Ritual: Light the fire in unity, indulge in chants, and prepare a sacred medicinal infusion.
  • Temazcalli Experience: Heal and rejuvenate in the ancient sweat lodge ceremony.
  • Afternoon: Reflect on the experience with an integration talk, followed by a sumptuous lunch.
  • Closure: Conclude the retreat with gratitude and newfound insights.

What to pack

Attire: White ceremonial clothes, red belt, headband, and swimsuit. (Note: Specific styles for men and women.)
Essentials: Medicine bags, fire tools, “sahumero” (incense burner), and other items listed.
Remember: Every item holds symbolic value. Pack mindfully.

By the eternal fire, discover your true essence.

Embark on a two-day transformative retreat, blending the timeless Mesoamerican practices with spiritual rituals, designed to cleanse, heal, and deeply connect with nature's divine elements. Secure your spot today.