Healing Therapy​



1.3 - 2h

Within our shared time, we will create a serene space of connection. In peace and silence, I will guide you through an energetic cleanse, and through tantric breath, we will open our hearts to invite deep and trusting healing.


I will employ Kinesiology, Intuition, and Biomagnetism, using my body as an antenna to better understand what your soul craves in our initial encounter. This form of therapy often delves deeper as the connection and trust between practitioner and client intensify, promoting greater openness to the process.


We will cleanse and balance the energies where disharmonies may exist, allowing you to experience profound relaxation and lightness, bringing clarity, peace, and deep-level healing.


Throughout the therapy, I let the connection guide me to the answers you seek, imposing etheric stones, sacred geometry, symbols, and ethereal magnets while continuously reading and scanning.


Medical Biomagnetism, a proven energy therapy pioneered by Dr. Goiz, aids the body in regaining its balance through the imposition of magnets, with over 800 healing pairs identified for restoring body equilibrium.


One soul can connect to another through permission, creating a subtle cord and connection through which it is possible to access the energy field of the soul.


The session involves 30 minutes of breath work and 1 hour of therapy. Please wear light clothing and find a quiet, comfortable place, preferably where you can lie down. I will provide a document with meditation to be practiced for 21 days. Remedies will be administered during sessions, and any need for further work, especially for chronic illnesses of body, mind, or spirit, will be communicated to you.