20 – 23 JUNE 2024 | LISBON, PORTUGAL

Step into the sacred with the Blue Deer Medicine Retreat, a profound four-day journey of spiritual awakening and healing, hosted by Prana Foundation. This retreat, led by Marakame Don Juan Ortiz, a traditional Wirrarika Shaman from Mexico, and guided by Devi Chandra Ma along with facilitators Sonia Sphatika and Carolina Pizarro, offers a deep dive into ancestral traditions and Earth medicines.

Event Details

Dates: 20th – 23rd June 2024
Torres Vedras, 1 hour from Lisbon


  • Marakame Don Juan Ortiz, First Singer and leader of the Wirrarika Nation
  • Devi Chandra Ma, Medicine Woman and founder of Prana Foundation

Retreat Highlights

Day 1: Begin with a Welcome & Intro talk, followed by Breathwork with Sound Healing and a nourishing dinner.

Day 2: The day starts with Yoga and Breakfast, followed by Intention Time, Lunch, and a period of Silence and Introspection Meditation. In the evening, experience the powerful Blue Deer Medicine Ceremony.

Day 3: After Breakfast, participate in a Group Integration session, explore the Wirrarika Market with authentic items from Mexico, and engage in a Cacao Ceremony complemented by Breathwork. The day concludes with Dinner.

Day 4: The retreat wraps up with a final Breakfast and Group Integration, followed by Lunch and heartfelt Departures.

What's included

⫸ All ceremonies

⫸ Meals from breakfast on Day 1 to lunch on Day 4

⫸ Participation in all scheduled activities

If you feel called to join us, we'd love to welcome you .