Prana Association is at the service of consciousness, for the healing of humanity.

Our Major goal Is to bring back Hope and motivation to every single cell of our world family.

Welcome to the Prana Association. We are dedicated to healing, consciousness, and human unity, guided by our founder, Devi Chandra Ma’s two decades of experience as a healer and teacher. We offer tailored private retreats, empowering workshops, group and individual integrations, and coaching workshops. We collaborate with therapists and doctors and are developing a sustainable community in Portugal.


Our mission is to invite you to a transformational journey of consciousness, healing, and love. Join us in appreciating and cherishing our beautiful planet, for the bliss of oneness is but a breath away. Welcome to the Prana Association, your sanctuary for harmony and peace.

Prana represents






Respect to all Life force



Devi Chandra Ma
Devi Chandra Ma (Divine Mother Moon) is a multi-faceted Mexican medicine woman. Chandra has over 20 years of experience with plant medicines. Various masters, such as the shipibo conibo but also red path teachers taught her about mother Ayahuasca and guided her path as a medicine woman.
Sonia Sphatika
Sonia is a trained Gestalt therapist and a Reiki Master, with an ability to perceive energies and connected to the elements of nature. She manufactures plant elixirs and organic products. Sonia is a very gentle retreat facilitator, able to navigate between the realms and ready to offer help during difficult moments in ceremonies.
Alise is a young woman from Latvia with a calm and loving energy who is committed to helping others. After a life-changing encounter with plant medicines in Peru, she felt called to dedicate herself to the mission of supporting people in their integration process after working with plant teachers, as well as facilitating the processes during the retreats.
Dr. Adriana Romero Rivera
Dr. Adriana Romero Rivera is a seasoned holistic medicine practitioner from Mexico City. Her education spans General Practice and Psychiatry degrees from leading universities, along with studies in diverse therapeutic forms like Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Psychotherapy, and Sacred Plant Medicine.

our founder

Devi Chandra Ma has more than 2 decades on the Medicine Path as Healer, therapist and teacher of different modalities

Assisting, serving and creating a Safe Bridge to Ancestral Healing in Unity with modern traditional Medicine and Quantum Healing for non Traditional setups. Our therapists and facilitators have been trained for over a decade.

What we offer

Private Retreats

Customized retreats for your team, group, tribe or corporative team.

Empowerment workshops

Breath, meditation, rituals and personal  therapies

Small Group Monthly Retreat

Small monthly retreats take place in Europe and involve traditional practices.

Integration Group Circles​

We offer integration to the group which took part in a retreat.

One To One Integration​

One to one integration if needed with a Dr. Pshycologist and Plant medicine oriented (previous or after Retreat).

Coaching Workshop​

With Prana therapist and guides.

Colaborative project

Doing Steady Alliances with Major Spiritual teachers, Therapists, Doctors, and communities.

Autosutainable community

Our community is under development. We intend to develop it in Portugal.

Prana is the breath of life that sustains us...

…the vital energy present in all the elements and the integration of spirituality in daily life, are our philosophy to align ourselves with total harmony and peace to our daily life.

We accompany you to take the quantum leap in your life, to transmute into consciousness and heal the different aspects of the Being to open your heart to love.


Trough Commitment all members with the same purpose, work together for a higher cause: to be happy and enjoy this Beautiful Blue Planet here and Now.

Inhale my beloveds

The pure wisdom

Contained in the ethers

Which connects us all

From the stars I above

To the deepest of Roots

The bliss of Oneness

Is but a breath away…

Poem by a retreat participant

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