At the service of consciousness, for the healing of humanity

Our Major goal Is to bring back hope and motivation to every single cell of our world family.

Your sanctuary awaits

Residential Retreats​

Prana Foundation offers a diverse range of experiences designed to inspire personal growth, healing, and spiritual awakening. From deeply immersive Shamanic Retreats to personalized private sessions, we provide spaces for self-discovery and transformation. At Prana Foundation, we honor and facilitate your path to inner peace and spiritual growth.

Shamanic Retreats

Led by experienced practitioners, our retreats merge ancestral wisdom with diverse integrative activities for a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual awakening.

Private Retreats​

Personalized experiences that merge mindful practices, healing therapies, and expert guidance to foster self-discovery, personal transformation, and inner peace.​

Facilitator Initiations

Comprehensive courses designed to equip ceremony facilitators with profound knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and practical skills to guide transformative and healing rituals effectively.

Bringing People Together for Healing and Growth

Prana Foundation fosters unity, peace, gratitude, and compassion while serving consciousness for the healing of humanity. With knowledgeable facilitators and therapists, Prana offers transformative experiences designed to encourage self-discovery, promote healing, and awaken the spirit, on a collective journey towards inner peace and a better world.

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Online Therapy​

Prana Foundation’s healing therapies offer a holistic approach to wellness, integrating diverse practices for body, mind, and spirit. Each session provides an opportunity to explore inner peace and growth in a safe and supportive environment.

Healing and Breathwork Therapy

Engage in holistic healing, guided by the medicine woman Devi Chandra Ma. Experience biomagnetism, sound healing, energetic cleansing, and Vedic practices and breathwork, all designed to foster deep transformation.

Integrative Therapy​

Discover the synergistic combination of therapeutic methods for profound personal growth, even in the most challenging situations, guided by Dr. Adriana Romero Rivera, a specialist in Holistic Medicine.

holistic wellness

Group Therapy​

Prana Foundation’s curated programs offer diverse paths for personal growth and healing. Each of these unique programs fosters a sense of wellness and provides an enriching journey towards personal transformation.

Feminine Therapy with Sonia

Experience holistic womanly healing with Sonia's Feminine Therapies, blending crystal work, meditations, and organic elixirs.​

Self Mastery Program With Fernmarie​

Embark on a journey to inner transformation, with a focus on mindfulness, self-compassion, and mental balance.

Yoga and Art Therapy With Caro

Discover a harmonious blend of mindful movement, breathwork, art and meditation to promote self-healing, balance, and inner peace.

Our team

Meet the therapists and medicine women who are part of the Prana Foundation

Oracle and Chart Readings

Find clarity and direction through our insightful oracle and chart readings

Vedic Chart Reading

Uncover the wisdom of the ancient Vedic system through a personalized astrological chart reading, illuminating your unique cosmic blueprint.

Mayan Horoscope Reading

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Mayan astrology, exploring your personal celestial alignments for a deeper understanding of your life's path and potential.

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