Fire Breathing • Pranayama Kapalabhati 

Breath of Fire is a yogic cleansing technique. 

• Pranayama means ‘Breath’ and Kapalabhati means ‘skull cleansing’. This means that the practice of Breath of Fire helps to calm the mind. When we breathe consciously and manage to calm the mind, there is greater emotional and bodily control. 

• Time: With the practice of 3 to 5 minutes a day with this breath, you will notice great changes in relaxation of stress, release of anxiety and increase in vital energy. When you manage to spend 3 minutes with your breath, you can increase the practice to 15 minutes a day. 

• When: We recommend doing this exercise when you need to focus on a task or need to renew your energy in times of stress.


• It is based on a breath through the nose (inhalation and exhalation). At the same time, the abdomen is filled and emptied. 1) Sitting posture and straight spine. 2) Continuous, short and rapid breaths through the nose. As I inhale, the abdomen fills up. As I exhale, the abdomen empties. 3) The usual thing is to do two or three breaths per second. And with practice, the breathing will become faster. 4) After 3 or 5 minutes, return to natural breathing and feel how the body warms up and the vital energy flows again.

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