SHAMANIC TRAINING - Dragon Awakening

11 – 18 OCTOBER 2024, BALI

We invite you to join our Shamanic Training – Dragon Awakening, in Bali, from 11th to 18th October, 2024. Under the guidance of Devi Chandra Ma and the facilitators: Sphatika Sudha and Carolina Pizarro.

Retreat Details

Location: Bali

Dates: 11 – 18 October, 2024

Theme: Shamanic training

Cost: Double Room €2888 / Private Room €3333

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Who's this training for?

The Shamanic Training will happen in a Retreat format, 8 days of Initiation Workshops, and is directed to all therapists, healers, intuitives and medicine path people that want to enhance his/her tools to work and serve others.

What will you learn

Learn how to be protected and grounded;

Learn techniques to help others with a simple touch;

Learn how to sustain a Prayer, Offering or Circle from the beginning to closure, from Altar to Closure;

Learn Level 1 of Breathwork, Reiki, Biomagnetism and

Voice Activation techniques;

Awaken spiritual Service with respect, wisdom and humility;

From your temple with Intention to the World family!

Why Bali? Bali’s nature is one of a kind in the world, it’s a place for rebirth with ancestral vibrations. Immersing into local nature, culture and its high Spirituality, contribute in the recovering of Primal connection and memories — one of the highest and purest ways to our Highest Self.


This is the Year of the Dragon, (2+0+2+4) number 8, the number of Infinite and Manifestation of Magic. The Naga (Dragon) is sacred to the Balinese and symbolic of the human connection to the natural world. In this wonderful year of manifestation and magic we want to bring to life a Training into the Spirit world, Nature Elements, reconnection to your primal memories, activations of Energy Ki, Chi, Prana and conscious Prayers to summon Nature Powers, which are our birthrights. Reclaiming is also a part of this Activation, believing in total Faith in your Mission will give you the support from the Invisible world.

What's included

 All the Ceremonies, Workshops and Initiations mentioned in the program;

 7 nights accommodation at Shambala Oceanside Bali (private or double room);

Organic vegetarian food;

Trip to waterfalls and Sacred Temple;

Water Blessing Ceremony at Bali Temple;

Transport from the Retreat Venue to activities planned.

What's NOT included

Airplane tickets; Transport to the Shambala Oceanside Venue; Travel insurance; Extra therapies


Double Room €2888 /  Private Room €3333

If you feel called to join us, we'd love to welcome you in Bali.

Embark on a seven-day transformative retreat, which will give you the skills to serve others in a safe and effcient way. Secure your spot today.